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How to Get a Repeat Prescription

We have a computerised repeat prescription service. Repeat prescriptions are normally for patients with long-term conditions who receive regular treatment. Your Doctor will decide who can have a repeat prescription. From time to time we will ask you to see your Doctor to review your medication. We do this to monitor your illness and medication. You can request a repeat prescription by placing your repeat slip in the box provided when the reception is open, sending it by post or on-line via SystmOnline. However, if sending the request by post please allow up to one week to account for any potential postal delays.

If you are housebound you may request your prescription by telephone. If you require additional medication that is not on your repeat slip you must complete the necessary form - please ask at reception. These medications will be reviewed by the Doctor and issued if they feel it is appropriate. If it is decided it is not appropriate you will be informed and you may need to make an appointment with the Doctor. Wherever possible please give the exact drug names when ordering. Please allow at least 48 hours before collection at reception.

We cannot take telephone requests for repeat prescriptions because of the possibility of error.

UPDATE!: We will TEMPORARILY accept telephone requests while Corona Virus is an issue.

25/03/2020  Thank you.